Well the ultimate fiscal year was "Great" as far as I was Concerned. If you had been successive my "MY PORTFOLIO" afterwards you would have noticed that I won many and mislaid both. Which is par for the course?

With Atlas Pearls (ATP) I ready-made a pleasant earnings of 23%.They have too by choice delisted from the NASDAQ possessions marketplace commencing to filch consequence in 10 years case. So all forthcoming stock treatment will be next to the ASX sole. (I have as well magnified my holdings in these nowadays.) The profit is right now seated on 8.3% full franked which makes for a sinewy rush back.

Oxiana(OXR) too performed economically as the profits was also 23.5% profit

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Imperial (IMP) Which I purchased at .008 cents are now sitting on .017 But will be baggy on to those for a bit longer as they are successfully finding gas/oil in the USA.

David Jones (DJN) came in at a nice 19% earnings.

As for the residue BQT, NWT, QTK,VPE they vindicatory plodded along. If you go by camaraderie announcements they All seem to be to be "doing things." So I will save them a little longer conscionable in case.

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I did focus of commerce a few of them, but because of whatsoever calamitous losings that I had when I archetypal started mercantilism a few age ago, I didn't negative stimulus as whichever of my income this yr and the dividends and franking list have helped to bring my financial loss rearward to around $1500 which will commencement this year's lucre. (I am self affirmative present.)

Now as to what this yr will bring?

With the shivery snap we have been experiencing present recently. With temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius, plus a atmospheric condition chilly cause of -4 degrees it was brass ape weather. And I have found that crystal balls do not close to freezing conditions and are prone not to function at best performance.

Seriously on the other hand I do advisement it will be a slightly tougher twelvemonth to engender a profits than last period of time.

Commodity prices will go up and down, but I can't see call for slackening off as yet. As China's wants reduce off I conjecture the careless will be understood up by India and future on followed by Brazil whose system is rightful now started to move on .Don't confer on Russia out of this mathematical statement either. Their example is upcoming in a minute.

Uranium will keep on to be "flavor of the Month" for a patch yet.

Gold will go on up in fits and starts during the coming year, beside whatever new highs.

Silver I see as the "Sleeping Giant"

Oil which is static being now manipulated for any justification which sounds glib at the juncture will maintain to go upwardly and downstairs close to a toy. I doubtfulness if the damage will of all time slump pay for to legitimate low prices of $40 per cask.

The principal state of affairs is to do your research back you buy. Don't get caught up in all the "Emotion and Hype" that you will discovery in the flea market.

And preceding all go along to "LEARN' more or less helping commerce and yourself.

Please recollect that this is not "Financial Advice" as I am not qualified to confer any. These are honorable My opinions of what may well happen in the rising.
One article for confident it will emphatically be interesting!

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