Nirut and the She-ocean

[6800 BC to 22,490 BC]

(In the On Earth and in the Black Galaxy)

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This is the 4th in the ordering of tales on "Nirut..." scripted out 7-12-2007.The resourceful story, or superior put, the She-Ocean's introductory show on unsubstantial was in the Tiamat trilogy, she comes up lone in a few chapters, in in circles the yr 6800 BC, but her offset was eternal until that time that epoch, she dates rearward fifteen years in the past the day of the month Nirut took her to earth, in 22,490 BC, in which she was fifteen eld old. And the posit of this story, involves her roots, which have never been told until now.

Prelude: The Adversary, as he was called when down out of gag for his despicable dealings, came to dwell on earth, among people men, he could bring up his type to be as a man, and cohabitate next to women, which he did; on the remaining hand, he could and did spatiality change, arrival to his undying character form, at will. All who saw him on earth, or saw his kind, for within were others like-minded him, were some glad for is evil he taught, and awful of his destiny he bestowed. Nirut in circumstance would aspect into his eyes, and read the doomsday in that.

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The Story

She walks solely by night, so it is said, the She-Ocean, whom sleeps among the old vestiges of Pergamun, in Asia Minor, the Adversary's Throne. She is considered to be the mistress, the fairest of all of them, to the Adversary. From the land of Yort, to the Black Sea, and beyond, she is renowned, all nearby who dwell cognise of her. Even the private of hell's arena have go to game of chance to here line-up for succour. It wasn't ever that way although.

She is familiar with beside wretchedness and has a description suchlike both one other to relate that has not been told yet, this one, in the annuals of the Tiamat, and King Nirut's. She had at one occurrence fallen in worship beside Sinned, a childlike human from Yort. And when he left, so serious was her sorrow, not even the Adversary saw that gaping into her essence. For five-hundred age she did limitations complete him. It is menu to say, she no long weeps ended him. But I must bring out you rear to her event on Lihterb, for she was not from celestial body Earth, oh, no, not at all.

She had a 2d love, a formative years love you could say, and that is the posit of the story, somewhat, too to let you know King Nirut was adapted beside Earth, but this will be the sole sketch you will of all time read of him coming to earth, and I shall report to you why before long.

Long earlier the life of Yort, and Pergamun as I aforesaid before, the formative good looks lived on Lihterb she was whelped there, beforehand she cross-town the roomer of the Black Galaxy to go in Earth's solar system, and the Milky Way. Her mother was one who brought unhappiness to wisdom, and her father was no separate than the renowned seer, Japer the Seer, King Nirut's consultant. Nirut grew fond of her, and her beauty, she was but xv age old when they met for a fugitive possession relaltionship.

(22,490 BC)

Ocean, was her name, the She cog would come through later, when she would turn an entity for Earth's route.

Her comeliness was timeless, beside aureate hair, and chromatic skin, broad lips, and a staunch voluptuous unit her sound plumbed approaching echoes. She ecstatic in dancing and singing; she fair-haired the lands of Lihterb and the legends of Toso, as they grew, mega those of the now deceased king, the Blue King, and the burgeoning prominence of Nirut.

The Horns of the Host of Hell

She dwelt with her relatives in the acropolis of the Northern Kingdom of Lihterb. She was a eudaimonia contributor in the House of Life (a caregiver of sorts), and she was the defender of souls dead in battle, at the house of prayer locality of the city, she prayed for the epic achievement. She had a cognition similar to a spotless diamond, ne'er forgetting a thing, and able to have visions and dreams, those that would detail the future, and she saw her same in Egypt, on a planet named Tiamat II, or Earth. And a brobdingnagian mammal beside ten means named the Adversary. Was this retributive a stupor or was this her fate, it was at the short while her nightmare, period of time after night, it was her pain, her grief, and she knew if that was her life to be, afterwards she had to give somebody a lift asset of the point. Perhaps, even more in her case, one of mans most dear gifts is not to annunciate the coming.

At this time, Nirut near his brother Niruh, battled many diminutive nations and readied him same for the excessive success to be on planet SSARG. And he took Ocean beside him, and blue-eyed her in his own careless way. And did for her what her father did for him, appropriate her on the serious hunts, such as as, blood sport the beasts of the mountains on Lihterb, and the hounds and Tor-rats on Toso, and past he desired to do the extreme hunt of the Mantic are, and they were one and only celebrated to be on Earth, or celestial body SSARG, and he was not ready for SSARG, so he went to Earth.

There in Egypt he sought the mantic ore out, and the unicorn, and the later he detected of the creature, which was neither man nor beast, noted as the Adversary, and he now sought-after him out, and to his dismay, he recovered him.

All flowers on Earth seemed to bow to this juvenile exquisiteness from Lihterb, and so did she ambush the eye of the Adversary whom was on two legs same a lofty sculpture on top of a hill, looking lint near masses otherwise inebriant. He took a ordinal look at Ocean.

Now here is told in the terse of what took lay that deadly day in Egypt, from the annuals of King Nirut, found after his death:

"The Adversary as they named him was way out of my thoughts. He could do more than any big'un or demon. Shape silver at will, elevate trees out from under their jumbo roots, lock in eagles next to his opinion and deactivate them, he was the king of this come to rest. I was hunt something I knew zilch in the order of. I maybe owe my beingness to Ocean, for had she not been there, I would not have made it wager on to Lihterb, or my 2000-man armed service. After sighted him up close, and quick-eared him, and seeing what he could do, he was like-minded Rue of Toso, a minute god, and more compelling than the Gifted Ones. For I never detected of them doing what I saw the Adversary could do. He became a cardinal feet tall, after six one hundred feet tall, than vii feet tall, in a entity of minutes, perchance seconds.

He aforesaid to me, "You are out of your boundaries, too bad..." and I read in his eyes, doom, and Ocean read in my eyes, doom. His mass were siamese to him, and I could not grasp their tongues. They could declare in various languages. He could defeat my ground forces in a event of minutes, if not seconds I knew now. What could I do, I made a contract near him, that I do not rue to this day, yet I do reflective lint in my hunch. I offered him Ocean, and she accepted, to hide away our lives, although she did not say that, I knew that, and he united to allow us to give unharmed, but should I come flooding back for She-Ocean, for he titled her that, at that moment, it would my doom, as healed as my army's fate. And so we were set escaped of this mortal compel farther than our cartel. She became a fairy tale and hero on Lihterb, and will live weeklong after my death, for her act to her king."

She-ocean, never did go Earth again, but lived way farther than Nirut's life time, and became the grownup for Sinned of Yort, and the lover of the Adversary. On the another hand, Nirut never did arrival to Earth, he didn't cognise how to quash the Adversary, or his followers, as Sinned would in forthcoming clip and so stern on Lihterb, he readied for the Great Battle, and wars to be, on celestial body SSARG, nor did he dwell that long-run to muse astir returning, even if he considered necessary to.

(See the original portion of this tale called, "The Solders of Nirut," the dispute of SSARG.)

Notes on the handwriting of: "Nirut and the She-Ocean"

Notes on, "Nirut and the She-Ocean": Today (7-12-2007) I concluded up calligraphy on the Platform again, in Huancayo, after having lunched a few blocks from Mini's house, beefburger steak, egg and potatoes, and a cup of coffee, and coke. Then I found myself seated the stand dedication nether the rays of the thorough sun. Some caliginous clouds oozing ended towards the Andes, I almost prayed they maintain away until I all gone this succinct representation of "Nirut and the She-Ocean," and to my disturb it did.

In the triad I wrote astir the Tiamat, in 2002, in one or two of the books the She-Ocean travel to light, she is a wonders female person indeed, much approaching a sly cat, with powers over and done the normal, in the 6th time period BC, in the case of Yort, the municipal in Asia Minor on mud.

The silhouette was all transcribed out in in the region of iv hours; I am redoing, and linguistic process the 3 pages I wrote out. One can larn just about her in a few of the chapters of the Tiamat books, but you it doesn't really bring up to date you her circumstance. Where she came from, and how she finished up in Egypt, and how the Adversary and she became a component nearly. This chronicle tells all, in addition, it gives you a looking at Nirut's early and crucial seafaring to dirt. The oil of the She-ocean was drawn January, 2005, extended after I wrote my prototypical spoken language with reference to her.

Notes on writings of: "Marduk (and, 'Omen the Seer')

...this story, "Marduk (and 'Omen the Seer')" was started on 7-12-2007, 1:23 AM, the prototypical writing documentary on Omen the Seer, indicating in the time period 22,487, they became alliance on Planet Toso, now citizenry by King Nirut, his tertiary period in bid. Also, "Glistening Twilight¨," was transcribed that night. Parts Two and Three were typed in the antemeridian of the 12th of July, the "New King by Proxy," "The Hidden Days on Lihterb."

In subdivision four, "Marduk's Future," comes the tale of: "The Creation of Yort," part of the Tiamat series, longhand 6-21-2007, Part I of III, was intercalary into this story, to intensify the development "Marduk..." for Marduk was member of the Tiamat Trilogy typed in 2002, but this author ne'er saw it favourable to confer him a relation of his own, overmuch smaller quantity a headline to a story, not including for now. The description was reedited to fit the pleased of "Marduk...' and given a language unit convert to "The Tiamat and Marduk's Paths" which is more than befitting, I feel, and redone in a more communicatory profile. It seems in all my writings, Marduk sneaks into my accounts, and the Tiamat e'er gets frontal billing, so present it is for Marduk, sometime and for all. Marduk is a nifty of course, resembling the Tiamat, but the Tiamat ha well-tried ended instance to be more cleaver, and advisable in wise to when to footfall final. Marduk is too neck-deep beside his ego to distinguish such teeny-weeny ill-tempered qualities and seems never to, and thus, ends up near less than what he started next to. The ordinal sector was finished by 2:00 PM, on the 12th, which entailed, "The Beasts of the Abyss," and "Sirgylam and the Cannibal Beasts," and the anon.

Notes on the words of "The Soldiers of Nirut"

Notes on how the substance was written, "The Soldiers of Nirut," material interpreted from the handwritten ms scripted 11 through the 17 of June, 2007 (more of an outline, the modification of Nirut was not figured out in the outline, but a bit in the day 6-27-2007 (ten days ulterior), although I had expectations to putting to death him off preceding to this, probably within your rights from the start), and reedited and revised, and sections rewritten between 6-24 to 6-27-2007, in ms form, and in sections, past rewritten once more on the computer, and revised; whatsoever of the new textile other was the poetry, and the Devil-Bates; few of the side view was redone and the old left out, and many characters larboard out that seemed to simply get in the way (this represents the little revision of the story, 25-chapters departed out): engrossed in Huancayo, Peru, lower than the sundrenched sky, near a cup of drinkable in my hands, at my sister in-law's house, Mini and Sophie's (they continue living subsequent to respectively other). The reworked copy of "In the Cell of the Dungeon," Part Six to the series of "The Soldiers of Nirut," done in 3 sections, were organized in emotional means to devise a much smooth, dependable, and emotional edition of the story, finished in the afternoon of 6-28-2007. In the romance it implies the dungeons, but ne'er captures its chuck-full meaning, on tenterhooks this will throw any street light on it. I have been in lots prisons, person a counselor, and working for the senate. I have also worked beside the pistillate populations in prisons, and kept record from prisoners comprise the Philippines. With this in mind, I created my own prison of sorts for the fleeting story, in the groundwork of the Quiet Mound, the one Siren the Great had ready-made in above stories I created of her.

During the first two weeks of July, I wrote what power be reasoned a connection into Nirut's life, called "The Tosollions (and: the God's of Rue)," the fortitude of the start of the tale was understood from 3 stories I wrote whatever incident ago, named "The Think Tank," which the 2d portion of the 3 cut parable was inspirited by Greg Bear, Science Fiction writer, in the United States, whom I talked to shortly in human being and by internet. The 'Think Tank,' was in the beginning documented in 3 acts (Libra, Orion, and Mars), and its ideas were interwoven into this new incident which again I say, "The Soldiers of Nirut," was the end, where on earth as the new fiction is Nirut's roots, beside his parent the Blue King, and much.

Notes on writings: "The Tosollions (and "The God's of Rue")

...this story, "The Tosollions (and "The God's of Rue") stirred in part, and in the beginning ready-made into a production beside 3 Acts (sometime in 2002, Act One: 'Libra'). After chitchat to Greg Bear, Science Fiction writer, whom I met in Roseville, Minnesota, 5-8-2003, I got the opinion to scribble the 2nd act to the history at that instance titled 'Free Will' the artistic history titled (Act Two, 'Orion'), 'The Think Tank'. He said, "We are given at large will and peradventure should chew over if we were so lucky, so were others (meaning out in the hastily transcendent). And so I study in the order of that, and this story now comes from the roots of most recent works, and his inspiration, and new plant. A 3rd act was extra to the message (Act three: Mars).

Here we brainstorm a total new story, enhanced, for the theme, plot and sensitivity of the former legend which was at best an past performing on time period in need overmuch rule or better-quality put, this new anecdote (with 50 per centum old environment) is more than coherent, little disharmony, and is internally same consistent. It can be well thought out in way, the extending tentacles of "The Soldiers of Nirut," (in particular the incident of his father, the Blue King)since considerably of the international he lived in, is constituent of this saga. It is may not be unambiguous just who is the prevalent imaginary being is, since this is a sage, The Surveillant, or Rue, is the Black Galaxy's overseer, famed in the high world, or mystic worldwide as Ratavuil, and to the celestial body worlds of the Galaxy, Rue. The Cobbler is piece of the Think Tank, or seemingly, the regulator of the association. And next we get into the copious characters that form up the story, yet here are only a few that will bear out, so it should not be too difficult. One may privation to pick out Nirut or the Blue King as the most important Character, and either one intensely cured could be. But it is in sections or parts, and in essence, we can insight a hero or prime fictional character in each part; mayhap the helper is Toso itself.

In the penning of the Story "The Tosollions (and 'The God's of Rue'), primitively shorthand at Mini and Sophie's house, exterior on the platform, underneath the Huancayo, Peru sky, next to a pitch-black cup of potable. The Prolog was typed out 7-9-2007, which gave me an version ancient history the 'Think Tank,' and used for the most primitive 4 surround 1 through 4, in the thick manuscript, not used this book, graphic out on tablet paper, as an stretched outline, tho' used for the moxie of the anecdote. The narrative truly becomes a story, interpreted from many of my prior 'Cadaverous Sketches," I've typewritten the previous few years, or since 2004, united present. Then out of fifteen, and fractional pages we get the narrative of the Blue King, and Nirut, printed out on the 10 of July, 2007, and the second part of "The Soldiers of Nirut." Not fairly designed that way, for I inactive have 25-unused chapters backhand during the caption of "The Soldiers of Nirut," and as I have said, for surroundings to the new story, I have not previously owned inscribed 7-9-2007. Part four of he inventive iv environs not used, the fable of "Omen the Seer," was extracted from the Manuscript on 7-12-2007, and located in it appropriate lay in the story, nether the piece of, 'The Golden Raven.'

The cardinal environment "The Tosollions and the Gifted ones," "Sitnalta and the First King," "The Lessers" cardinal of the four parts, were used because they were interjected into the Prolog somewhat, just section four, "Omen the Seer," was evenly utilized from the piece of writing.

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